Support & Maintenance

Even in the 21st century telephones are still crucial for the successful operation of a business.

Emails and IM’s play a big part but the telephone allows you to speak direct with your customers or clients and of course between staff members.

What happens when there’s suddenly a problem with your telephone? Sadly, only when a problem occurs do businesses realise the disruption it can cause, leading to the loss of sales and staff productivity, which all could have been minimised should they have already arranged a maintenance contract on their phone system.

Peace of mind with Lifeline

As for ourselves as a company, we currently provide all of Panasonic’s PBX support on their behalf throughout Europe, having previously been the core of their European Support team before starting up on our own, 5 years ago.
We remain in close and direct communication with their developers in Japan, and continue to support our own customers with the same knowledge and experience.

Additionally, as part of your maintenance contract, we shall also be upgrading and patching your system regularly with the latest software and security patches, which are essential in today’s ever-growing cyber environment.

Therefore as part of your maintenance contract with us, you are welcome to raise any change requests and problem reports directly to our engineering team – the same team that Panasonic themselves refer their own direct customers to!

Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance package from Lifeline Communication Services Ltd can insure that any problems you have with your phone system are quickly dealt with keeping disruptions to a minimum. You will receive industry leading SLA’s with 24/7 support with a bespoke maintenance contract that suits your business needs. Together we will keep your business operational.

Collectively we have over 30 years’ experience working within the PBX and IT/networking sector.

Each team member offers a different skill set that allows us to expand the scope of our business. Our previous experience of installing and supporting PBX systems on customer sites all over the world, means we have learned the hard way, how to get things right the first time. It is this diversity and experience that we believe sets us apart from the rest.

Migrating from an older system or supplier?

Well good news, we can still take over the maintenance, we have such a high level of industry knowledge, and you can trust us to have it covered.

Regular upgrade and patching

In an age of increased cyber-awareness, we provide a pro-active service to our customers to ensure all security upgrades and software patches are always up to date.

Liaising with our customers, we  schedule a series of regular maintenance windows – usually out of hours, during which we perform all necessary software upgrades and patching.

All of our upgrades are completed remotely to ensure zero interruption to our customers’ business.

Reliabiliy and Security

Building on the regular software upgrades and patching schedules we perform for our customers’ telephony services, we also strive to ensure a reliable and secure platform.

As an Official Service Partner of Panasonic, we have a hardware manufacturer with both an historic and consistent reputation of quality.

Together with our next-generation Internet-based technology and experience, we provide our customers with expert and cutting-edge features, combined with the robust security.

All this comes together with our pro-active monitoring platform, which enables us to understand the trends of your telephony traffic, and alert us of any possible deviation or upcoming issues.

Discussing your needs with Lifeline

At Lifeline Communication Services Ltd we move and grow with the technologies within the industry, always advising and offering your business the best solutions to suit your needs.

So it’s not just about the maintenance, at Lifeline we always go above and beyond.

Together we can create a maintenance package bespoke your business requirements and budget.

Speak direct with one of our team members today, and let’s ensure your business stays operational 100% of the time.

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