Cloud / Hosted

We at Lifeline are constantly pushing the boundaries of next-generation technology for our customers. Currently the big trend in the telecommunications industry is the move to the Cloud, and specifically, Hosted telephony services.

We are providers of both Hosted and Broadband services, ensuring that all your internet based services can be maintained and supported in one place. By providing both services, we are also able to provide a guaranteed service, ensuring that all your calls are of a consistent quality.

In many cases, this will depend on the Broadband you’re currently able to receive at your location. However we shall guide you through these questions and offer to help you overcome any obstacle you may face in regards to limitations of your infrastructure.

Our goal is to guide you through the migration to the Cloud as seamlessly as possible. Let us take on the technical challenge, which in turn allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of a Hosted telephony service, such as:

  • Free calls to most UK based numbers
  • Cheaper calls to most non-UK based numbers
  • No expensive telephony equipment
  • No bulky on-site equipment
  • Phone units available on lease
  • No maintenance or support contract
  • No upfront costs
  • Quick installation
  • Automatic setup
  • Self-service web portal available anywere
  • Plug & play replacement service