Business Telephone Systems

Some people remember telephone systems are giant devices that hang on the walls of broom cupboards, comms rooms or other such dark corners of the premises. Today, the industry is embedded deep within the clutches of another mysterious structure – the internet.

From the days of physical analogue lines penetrating your building, one for each telephone number, to the hybrid years of ISDN where only one line was required for multiple simultaneous calls, we are now in an age of being, always on and always connected.

This can be a good and promising benefit to your company, providing the structures and safeguards are in place for a secure connection to the wild west of the open internet. This is where Lifeline comes in. A group of experienced telecoms engineers dating back to the old analogue days, who also have a keen interest in emerging technologies with their finger on the pulse of what’s coming next.

We can provide a safe and resilient migration from the oldest of analogue PBX systems (cobwebs and all!), whilst ensuring data integrity when transforming your telecoms infrastructure as a platform to engage with the connected world.

To this end, we still offer the sale, installation and maintenance of analogue, hybrid and IP systems, whilst also being able to offer the best in Cloud and Hosted solutions.

We will never try to sell you what you don’t need. This is a promise that benefits ourselves as much as you, as maintainers of whatever system you choose. We shall sit with you during the decision-making phase and liaise with any 3rd parties, such as IT companies, as is required. We shall listen to your needs, both now and as you grow and offer a solution that is cost-effective, scalable and fits just right for you.

We offer both On-Premise and Cloud-based / Hosted PBX services. To find out more, please use the links below:

 On-Premise PBX

 Cloud / Hosted