Lines & Calls

Lines, or trunks as we tend to call them, are your connection to the outside world, whether it’s the legacy analogue lines or the latest in cloud technology, are still required by whatever telecoms system you put in place. This is where your calls and their subsequent rates are charged.

 How do I choose what’s right for me?

It’s important to have the right lines for the system you decide on. Whereas the old analogue and ISDN lines were compatible with most PBX systems, the VoIP scene is one that is clouded in mystery with hundreds of configuration settings available.

What about the future?

As many of you know, the national infrastructure for ISDN will be switched off in a few years, forcing most companies to move to VoIP and the internet-connected world. To that end, we’re advising our customers to select a telecoms system today, which answers the questions of tomorrow.

 What does this mean exactly?

Well, it’s perfectly fine to stay with ISDN for the next couple of years if you wish, but with the upcoming and forced migration to VoIP, we’re offering all our customers the opportunity to use a telecoms system that is Analogue, ISDN and VoIP compatible. One telecoms system, one solution, for every line possibility the future has to come.

 What if I wait too long?

We advise that customers don’t wait for the bottleneck of the ISDN switch-off before migrating, but we know some people don’t wish to be rushed into anything. This is where our solution can be of great benefit. The comforts of todays infrastructure, with the assurance of the capabilities to handle what tomorrow brings.

 What happens when i’m ready?

When you do decide the time is right to migrate from ISDN to VoIP, we’ll sit with you and guide you through the process, confident in the knowledge that we have the expertise to handle all that comes your way.