A key area to modern Telecoms is internet connectivity. This is in part due to the industry migration to VoIP technologies, such as SIP; but also, due to the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), whereby devices that are not usually associated with the internet are now internet enabled.

Today, PBX’s are capable of new and exciting features, such as Mobile Apps, e-mailing Voicemail messages and networked remote workers.

To this end, a stable and secure broadband connection is usually required. However the existing internal computer network already uses the broadband connection and so users PC’s, printers, etc, cannot be disrupted. Some of our customers also have a 3rd party IT company to manage their internal computer network.

The solution we can provide is one that will allow enough bandwidth for both the existing PC network, whilst also guaranteeing enough for the telecoms side. We have previously worked alongside customer’s IT companies to ensure a seamless and successful Broadband migration, which provides you with all the features of a modern Telecoms system, alongside a stable and cost-effective infrastructure.

We offer a full selection of Broadband services for your existing data network, such as:

Homeworker and SMB services

  • Fibre to the Cabinet 80:20
  • Fibre to the Cabinet 40:10 (for more rural areas)
  • ADSL

SMB and Enterprise services

  • Dedicated Leased lines
  • Fibre to the Cabinet 80:20
  • ISDN

We are also able to offer bespoke Broadband services that combine your existing data network, which interconnect with your new VoIP telephony service

VoIP Environments

  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Guaranteed simultaneous calls
  • Fully integrated with your IT network