Blog | Broadband speeds in Wales and other rural areas

This BBC News article highlights the recent Ofcom figures, detailing the published average broadband speeds in Urban vs Rural areas – specifically during the peak times of 8pm – 10pm.

Ofcom reports that in urban areas 59% of connections average over 30 Mbps during the peak periods, whilst in rural areas this in only 23%.

While it’s not a surprise that urban areas are out-performing their rural counterparts, it’s a shame to see that Wales is at the bottom of the average download speed table.

Currently England tops the list with an average download speed at 47.8 Mbps, followed by Scotland at 43.6 Mbps, Northern Ireland at 39.2 Mbps and finally, Wales with a lowly 33.4 Mbps.

That’s a massive 10.2 Mbps different in average download speeds between nations in the UK.

It should be noted that these numbers are based on approx. 4,700 volunteer properties throughout the UK, and that of the 93% of properties that have access to Fibre – only 40% actually subscribe to it.

For the customers on our doorstep here in Wales, or indeed in other rural areas of the UK, the news isn’t all bleak.

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The Lifeline Comms Team.

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